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Request Deck

Connect and Earn

As musicians we’ve all been in situations when asking for tips is awkward, stressful, or just not accepted by the venue.We also know that without the generous donations from our fans, it can be tough to make a decent living. Request Deck has removed the abrasive tip jar and “begging” for hand-outs and created a more immersive way for your fans to connect and interact with you during your event. Request Deck was created by musicians for musicians so we all can get back to doing what we love: entertaining!

Feel Like The Bad Guy?

Not Anymore!

Request Deck can empower you as an artist and allow you to be comfortable and focused on what you do best... being an entertainer. Not a freeloader.

We know that venue owners can sometimes be very particular when it comes to merchandise and "tip jars". These assets are important to entertainers, especialy now adays.